6C’s Language Week in Malta

6C’s Language Week in Malta

Die Schüler:innen der 6C verfassten Berichte und Artikel über ihre Sprachreise nach Malta. Die folgenden zwei Texte wurden von den Schüler:innen für die Veröffentlichung ausgewählt.

Our Prime Time

The students of 6C went on an adventurous journey to Malta, accompanied by their beloved teachers, Mr. Schmidbauer and Mr. Bednar. On Tuesday, the 16th of April, we bid farewell to Vienna International Airport at around 9:30 in the morning. Little did we know, our flight was going to be a rollercoaster ride – quite literally! The turbulence onboard felt like we were riding a donkey instead of a modern aircraft.

Nevertheless, we landed safely in Malta, where a guide, who worked as the bus driver’s assistant, awaited us. This guide not only led us to our hotel but also schooled us on the hotel rules, which turned out to be quite long. After checking in, we strolled towards St. Paul’s and decided to unleash our inner law enforcement officers and thieves by playing a game of cops and robbers in a nearby park.

The next day, our language school began, which felt like five hours of torture. We were tasked with either communicating in English within groups or presenting to each other, all in the name of improving our language skills. Finally, we went on a tour of Valetta, where the country’s history was laid out before us like a dramatic play. We were then given some free time to explore, which was a welcome change from the classroom grind. As evening descended, it was time for another round of Champions League madness, accompanied by a movie night that had us laughing, cheering, and maybe even shedding a tear or two.

Thursday brought with it a thrilling challenge at school, where we had to plan and present a heist, channeling our inner criminal masterminds. After the brain workout, we headed to St. Julian’s, where we split up to conquer the city on our own. Most groups took a culinary detour, turning our exploration into a tasty food tour that we even filmed for our epic Malta Vlog. Amidst the foodie delights, some of us even caught the attention of a local girl or two; however, Mr. Schmidbauer’s timely intervention kept things from escalating quickly. As night fell, the options were as diverse as our group’s interests. Some chilled by the pool, while others played football and tennis, as usual.

Friday saw us venturing to Mdina post-school, diving into Malta’s history and savoring its traditional pastries. The ancient charm of Mdina and the delightful treats added a sweet touch to our unforgettable trip. Not to forget, we met a new guide called Kyle.

On Saturday’s agenda was a thrilling speedboat ride to the wonderful Blue Lagoon. Some of us got a bit wet and wild, but who can resist the call of crystal-clear waters? Despite the chilly temperatures, we seized the opportunity to take a refreshing swim in the water.

Sunday’s full-day guided Malta tour, with stops in stunning Marsaxlokk, Senglea, and Vittoriosa, rounded up our culturally and linguistically enriching class trip.

Yet, as wonderful as Malta was, time zoomed by, and before we knew it, we were touching down in Vienna at 4 p.m. on Monday, the 22nd of April. With our suitcases secured, we bid farewell to our classmates and teachers, each of us carrying a treasure trove of memories. Home beckoned, marking the end of a fantastic chapter in our lives.

Our language journey with Mr. Schmidbauer and Mr. Bednar was nothing short of magical. From thrilling adventures to hilarious escapades, it’s a trip that will stay in our hearts forever. Until the next trip!

A Truly Unforgettable Experience

The students of class 6C enjoyed a language trip to Malta with their teachers, Mr. Schmidbauer and Mr. Bednar. Our journey began on Tuesday, April 16th, when we left Vienna Airport at half past nine a.m.

After a turbulent flight, we managed to land in Malta and could already see palm trees at the airport. Our guide awaited us and introduced us to the rules and our schedule for the next few days. We were transported via shuttle to our hotel. The owner, known as “Gürtelmann,” informed us about the motto of the accommodation: „Don’t waste it.“ They are donating all leftover food to shelters for animals and homeless people.

After checking in, we decided to explore Malta and went to St. Paul. On our way there, we played catch and enjoyed the beautiful weather. In the evening, we decided to play volleyball across the balconies and gazed at the sunset.

The next day began with five hours of language school, focusing on speaking and interaction. In the afternoon, we had a guided tour of Valetta. The bus drive was accompanied by amusing music and singing. We learned about the history of Malta. Some of us even tried the famous ice cream with macarons as a topping. Furthermore, we saw a lot of stray cats, unfortunately. We topped off the evening by watching a horror movie together.

Thursday began with five hours of language school, where we were tasked with planning and presenting a heist. Also, we played a game where a group needed to show off their dance skills. Later that day, it was a bit windy, so we decided to go to St. Julian’s by public transport. We were exploring the city in small groups. My group decided to walk along the harbor bay and enjoy the view. There were a lot of fish and other sea creatures to be observed. We ended the day by listening to music next to our outside pool.

Friday was our last day of language school. We learned a hinge of Maltese and had to do a presentation about a random topic. In the afternoon, we took a bus trip to the old capital Mdina. We had great fun driving to our destination, accompanied by fabulous singing acts of a few classmates. We visited an underground graveyard, which had numerous secret tunnels. Furthermore, we had the opportunity to try traditional Maltese pastry. Of course, we ate original Italian pizza and explored the city. Most of us had a great time playing Just Dance in the evening.

Saturday started a bit wet for a few of us. We were taking a speedboat to the Blue Lagoon. It was an astonishing ride because the waves were a bit higher than usual, thanks to the windy weather. Some of us were hiking, while others jumped into the cold sea that had a temperature of about 15 degrees. It’s safe to say that everyone had a wonderful time there. Beyond that, we even got the chance to behold jellyfish. Suddenly, we needed to hurry, or we would have missed our boat back. We made it somehow because we took a slower boat, which didn’t make everyone happy. In the evening, a few of us decided it was a great idea to jump in the outside pool at the hotel, which was atrociously cold. We were listening to music and enjoying our really sunny day. We topped off the evening by playing card games.

Our last day was a beautiful conclusion to our trip. During the full-day Malta tour, we learned about Malta’s history. In Vittoriosa, we walked across the harbor and went into an old shop selling traditional spices and ingredients. We explored the city and saw hotels for stray cats made of old boats. Since it was quite hot, we got ice cream and cold beverages. At the end of the tour, we had the opportunity to take a boat trip to see the Blue Grotto, which was gorgeous due to the corals and turquoise water.

We had a beautiful last day that was crowned by fireworks on the other side of the bay next to our hotel. We ordered some pizza and played volleyball and paddle tennis. We were listening to music, and even the teachers were showing off their singing talents. We talked about our memories, such as “Big E“ (an inside joke) and countless more.

Since our last night was quite long, nearly everyone was a bit exhausted at the airport the next day. We arrived three hours before takeoff and explored the entire airport. After an eternity, we could board the plane and safely fly back to Vienna. Our plane landed half an hour earlier than scheduled and landed at 3.45 p.m. Unfortunately, we needed to wait over half an hour until everyone got their baggage.

It is safe to say that the trip was a truly unforgettable and inspirational experience for everyone.